JIS Flanges

“JIS” Stands for Japanese Industrial Standard and are published by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA) which is the equivalent of ANSI in the United States. They are created and updated by the Committee of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JISC). Like JSA to ANSI, the JISC is similar to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Japan Industrial Standard is yet another option for metric sizes.  Provided in JIS5K, JIS10K, JIS15K, and JISK20K pressure classes, we can offer Slip On, Blind, and Weld Neck varieties in Raised Face or Flat Face configurations. These are typically made of 316/L or A105, but as usual, all alloys are available!

JIS flange and Drawing

Much like DIN / metric flanges, the JIS flange specification offers a slightly wider variety of slip weld configurations for the purposes of space limitations and suitability for existing pipeline equipment. For instance, a customer can request a slip on with or without a hub as standard, or even a ring type flange, and all of this within the same B2220 specification.

JIS flanges are commonly found in exported pressure equipment and pipe assemblies from Japan. Many large ships and sea vessels which travel through international waters and service the Pacific rim will utilize equipment made to this standard, as parts and servicing for this specification are widely available.

More information can be found on the JISC website:



Texas Flange stocks a wide variety of flanges in all sizes and specifications.