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Welcome to Texas Flange! We are your go-to place for AWWA flanges in the USA. Our waterworks flanges are an excellent choice for your low pressure systems. They work great for city projects, water treatment facilities, and even factories. We have many sizes and types to pick from, and you can check out our online catalog to find the perfect fit for your project. Texas Flange is here to help you make your projects even better!

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What Is AWWA?

Are you curious about AWWA flanges and the secret behind their resilience? Let’s dive in! AWWA, or the American Water Works Association, created the gold standard for water industry products. When it comes to AWWA Flanges, the simplicity in their pipe design is their most desirable factor.

These flanges typically come in two sturdy materials: ductile iron and carbon steel. Ductile iron offered robustness in decades past, whereas modern carbon steel brings exceptional strength in all applications which would otherwise have used ductile iron previously. They are both somewhat corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity even in harsh environments.

AWWA Flanges are like the backbone of water systems, standing strong against pressure, chemicals, and time. If you seek performance and durability at a budget friendly overall cost, carbon steels such as ASTM A181 and A36 are your ideal choices.

AWWA Standards?

AWWA, or the American Water Works Association, sets the standard specifications for flanges used in water infrastructure. These standards help ensure that flanges provided by Texas Flange and other manufacturers work well together and meet safety and performance requirements of all industries today.

AWWA standards cover size, materials, and how flanges should be manufactured. They ensure flanges fit correctly with pipes and valves, preventing leaks and problems.

Following AWWA standards is crucial for maintaining a reliable water supply and protecting public health. So, for Texas Flange to make high-quality flanges that work seamlessly in water systems, they should pay close attention to these AWWA standards.

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AWWA flanges are essential components in water supply and distribution systems. These flanges connect pipes, valves, and other water infrastructure components. AWWA specifies various material grades for these flanges to ensure they perform effectively, each with distinct performance characteristics.

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Ductile Iron (DI)

Performance: Ductile iron AWWA flanges are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for water applications.

Common Use: They find use in water treatment plants and pipelines due to their reliability.

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Gray Iron

Performance: Gray iron AWWA flanges are less robust than ductile iron, making them suitable for low-pressure systems.

Common Use: Typically used in municipal water systems and residential applications where lower pressure is involved.

Lap Joint Flanges


Performance: Steel AWWA flanges offer exceptional strength and durability, making them suitable for high-pressure systems. Carbon steel is the standard for Texas Flange for all outdated material grades (ductile and gray iron).

Common Use: They find common use in industrial and large-scale water infrastructure projects where pressure or high flow is a factor.

Threaded Flanges

Stainless Steel

Performance: Stainless steel AWWA flanges are highly corrosion-resistant and well-suited for aggressive or chemically treated water.

Common use: Frequently used in sewage treatment plants and chemical processing facilities. Grade 304 is common, but 316 is available for additional saline resistance.

Socket-Weld Flanges


Performance: Aluminum AWWA flanges are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for portable water supply systems.

Common Use: Often used in temporary or mobile water distribution setups.

Suitable material grade ensures water infrastructure’s long-term performance and reliability. Texas flange customers need to consider factors like water pressure, water quality, and the project’s specific demands when choosing AWWA Flanges. By understanding these material grades and their performance characteristics, we can offer suitable solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients, whether it’s for municipal water supply, industrial applications, or specialized projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Industrial flanges are mechanical connectors that join pipes, valves, or other equipment in industrial systems. They create a secure, leak-resistant connection between components. Flanges are vital because they allow easy assembly and disassembly of equipment, facilitate maintenance, and ensure the safety and efficiency of fluid or gas transport in various industries.