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Texas Flange Customer Survey

Welcome to the family!

As you may know, Texas Flange gives a significant amount of its profits to charity. We plan to donate $20 per completed survey and will let YOU choose amongst several options at the end.

  1. Google SearchReferral by Customer/Competitor (can you tell us who?)Dusty hand-me-down RolodexSocials (Facebook, LinkedIn,...)Don't Remember
  2. Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfiedDon't Know/Not Applicable
  3. I Can't Decide! Just Donate To A Good Cause!Elijah Rising (To help rescue women from sex trafficking.)Camp Hope (To help Veterans returning with PTSD)Living Water (To help those who lack access to clean drinking water)Free Detox Programs (To help men and women trying to recover from addictions)
  4. A current customer (we like to think of you as current if you ordered in the last year.)A past customerA future customer (we will send you a catalog if you give us your mailing address.)A random person who just wants make us give $20 to a good cause. (Answering D will still get the same $20)

Here at Texas Flange, we strive to get you the flanges you need, when you need them. Please take a couple minutes and tell us a little bit more about how we can make that happen. If you aren't the right person, or more folks want to offer feedback, please feel free to forward around.


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