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custom flanges

Custom Flanges

Texas Flange is your trusted PVF partner! We are a reputed custom flange provider and are here to help find a solution to your application. Custom flanges are specialized components, typically based in design off of some existing standards, and serve the backbone of various industrial applications where common standards are insufficient. A wide range of industries are dependent on top-notch custom flanges.

Custom flanges are designed as per the unique requirements of your project. They offer quality, inspection requirements, and performance expectations of industry-standard components. These flanges come in particular sizes or materials and are ideal for a unique application.

Have unique project requirements? Choosing Texas Flange can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s consider everything involved in the sourcing of these types of items.

Custom Flange Manufacturing

At Texas Flange, we take pride in the art of custom flange manufacturing. Our custom flange specials are more than just steel components; they are ideal solutions for project work.

As we all know, when creating custom flanges, one size does not fit all. Every project has unique requirements, and our custom flange specialists ensure to meet the specific demands with precision and excellence. They have immense knowledge of selecting the suitable materials, measurements, and designs tailored to your needs. This knowledge guides us to make the customizing process painless and convenient.

All you need to do is share your unique project requirements with us; our flange specialists will manufacture and deliver custom flanges on time. They meticulously craft each flange, paying attention to every curve and contour. We consider all styles, from NPT threads in odd locations, to chamfers on bore openings, to specialized tapered hubs… every step we take during the consideration phase is a testament to our quality.

You can trust Texas Flange to provide custom flanges with quality and ultimate performance results from the initial process to the final product. We create flanges that are not just components but solutions that perfectly match your project’s demands.

Flange Standards And Specifications

Standard compliance isn’t just a formality, but our commitment to deliver unparalleled quality. We rigorously adhere to distinctive standards and classifications, including AWWA, ASME, and ANSI. These standards can be the baseline used for creating a custom flange.

AWWA (American Water Works Association)

Adherence to this standard ensures that the flange is suitable for water infrastructure projects. These standards specify distinctive materials, dimensions, and structure requirements. It guarantees the reliability of our custom flanges in water-related applications.

ASME ( The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers)

The gold standard for quality in the manufacture of bespoke flanges is ASME standards. These standards outline exacting requirements for performance, design, and materials. We guarantee that our custom flanges adhere to the highest industry standards by following ASME specifications.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

ANSI reinforces the technology development standards in the US. Its primary objective is to encourage uniformity, interoperability, and quality within various industries in the US. We guarantee that our custom flanges can effortlessly integrate into many systems and applications by adhering to ANSI requirements, which are typically a carryover from existing ASME standards.9+

Common Custom Flange

Tailored Excellence: Your Perfect Flange, Every Time

slip-On Flanges

Blind Flanges

Blind Flanges are typically round plates with no center hole. They function like the caps for pipes when a flanged connection is used. Blind Flanges are useful to seal off the end of a pipe when it's not in operation, and when there is a bend just before the end of said line.

joint flange

Lap Joint

Loose flanges are another name for lap joint flanges. These flanges are suitable for joining pipes, fittings, or pipes together. Because they are not directly welded to the pipe, they set themselves apart from other flange types. They are typically installed with stub ends.

pipe flange

Socket Weld

Socket-weld flanges are ideal for smaller-diameter pipelines and systems with lower pressures and temperatures. You can insert the pipe into the female socket of the socket-weld flange and build the connection using a filet weld around the top. It enables a smooth passage of gas or liquid through the pipe.

Lap Joint Flanges

Slip-On Flanges

Slip-on flanges have a hole in the center, and the internal diameter is larger than the connecting pipe. Therefore, they smoothly slide onto the pipe before getting welded in place at the hub.

Threaded Flanges

Threaded Flanges

Threaded flanges have internal threads that allow them to screw onto the pipe. They are appropriate for small-diameter pipes or locations where welding would be difficult since it eliminates the requirement for welding.

Socket-Weld Flanges

Weld Neck

A weld neck flange minimizes stress concentration, is ideal for high-pressure applications, and requires a butt weld for installation, making it a popular choice in pipe processing for improved durability and flow stability.

Material Diversity

Select The Optimal Material For Flanges That Level Up Their Performance.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is notable for its strength and cost-effectiveness. This flange material is suitable for many jobs and is resistant to rust.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

It is renowned for its corrosion resistance and hygienic properties. Therefore, the food processing industry prefers it most. 304 and 316 are most common.

Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel

These are highly robust and made of various base metals. Additionally, they typically have improved heat resistance and strength.

high angle view

Cast Iron

This material is extremely strong and suitable for use when durability is paramount, but is considered outdated and carbon steel is used instead.

flange fittings

Exotic Alloys

Titanium and Inconel are employed in high temperatures, significant pressure, or exceptionally harsh environments.

weld neck flanges

Composite Materials

We blend various elements to create composite materials with specialized qualities like strength, lightweight, and moisture resistance.

Industries And Applications

Experience The Excellence Of Our Tailored Flange Solutions For Your Project's Sealing Needs!

Food Processing And Manufacturing

Oil And Gas Industry

Custom flanges are essential for establishing leak-free connections in pipelines, rigs, and refineries in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, they guarantee the integrity of high-pressure systems and ensure safety in the erratic oil and gas industry.

Waterworks And Municipal Pipe Systems

HVAC And Heating Systems

Custom flanges facilitate the efficient connection of pipes, boilers, and heat exchangers in heating and HVAC applications. They are tailored to specific dimensions and materials, optimizing heat transfer and maintaining the performance and reliability of heating systems.

Valves, Vessels, And Industrial Pumps


Custom flanges are essential in aerospace because they link complex components inside aircraft engines. These flanges require precision to withstand high temperatures and pressures to ensure the reliable operation of crucial aeronautical machinery.

Heating Systems And Heat Exchangers

Water And Wastewater Treatment

Custom flanges connect pipes and valves in water treatment plants. Their tailored design ensures a reliable and watertight connection, helping to efficiently manage and distribute clean water and process wastewater.

Plumbing And Mechanical Systems

Power Generation

Power plants employ custom flanges to connect pipelines, turbines, and heat exchangers. These flanges are suitable to function well with power generation systems by meeting precise pressure and temperature specifications.

Fire Protection Services

Chemical Pro Cessing

Custom flanges are crucial for connecting pipes and vessels in the chemical industry, often exposed to aggressive chemicals. They are corrosion-resistant and maintain structural integrity in harsh chemical environments.

Power Plants And The Nuclear Power Industry

Food And Beverage

Custom flanges connect pipes carrying liquids and gasses in the food and beverage industry. We use materials that meet strict hygiene and safety standards, ensuring the integrity of food and beverage processing systems.

Oil, Gas, And Chemical Assemblies


Custom flanges are suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing to join the pipes and vessels. These flanges adhere to the pharmaceutical industry's strict standards for quality and cleanliness.


Looking For Quality Flanges And Custom Steel Components? Well, You’ve Come To The Right Place: Texas Flange!

We have been in business for decades and have come across just about every different type of jobsite requirement. Our team is skilled at taking your inquiries and providing the right products for your applications.

Here at Texas Flange, we genuinely care about providing you with the ideal products. In this industry, we realize all too well that nothing is more important than getting your project functioning in a timely manner.

When you choose Texas Flange, you’re selecting the industry leader. Our flanges have been shipped worldwide, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with them. Reach out to us today to get the solutions you need for your projects!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A custom flange is a specialized, individually tailored component used in piping systems. It serves as a connection point between two pipes or other equipment, ensuring a leak-proof and secure joint. Custom flanges are designed to meet specific project requirements, including size, shape, material, and face, to guarantee optimal performance and compatibility with the system.