Texas Waterworks Flanges

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Texas Waterworks Flanges

Are you curious about AWWA flanges and the secret behind their resilience? Let’s dive in! AWWA, or the American Water Works Association, created the gold standard for water industry products. When it comes to AWWA Flanges, the simplicity in their pipe design is their most desirable factor.

These flanges typically come in two sturdy materials: ductile iron and carbon steel. Ductile iron offered robustness in decades past, whereas modern carbon steel brings exceptional strength in all applications which would otherwise have used ductile iron previously. They are both somewhat corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity even in harsh environments.

AWWA Flanges are like the backbone of water systems, standing strong against pressure, chemicals, and time. If you seek performance and durability at a budget friendly overall cost, carbon steels such as ASTM A181 and A36 are your ideal choices.


Significance Of Pipe Flanges In The Waterworks Industry

In the crucial waterworks industry, flanges are known for their robust operation, securing the seamless distribution of both water as a consumable utility, as well as hydro power generation. You will see them in use in both public utility projects, as well as commercial operations.

Sealing The Connection

Pipe flanges are the components that ensure a watertight connection by precisely and reliably sealing the joints between pipes.

Reliable And Resilient

Waterworks flanges withstand difficult operating conditions, such as potable water supply to our houses in all climates, as well as the harsh demands of industrial processes. These flanges are designed to last and provide dependability in a budget friendly way.

Minimizing Disruptions

The waterworks industry relies on a continuous flow of water, and flanges are the linchpin that ensures minimal operational disturbances. Proper installation and use ensures that water flows smoothly from its source to its destination.

Quality Standards

Both the American Water Works (AWWA) Association and the American National Standards (ANSI) Institute have created the framework for industry standards of Waterworks pipe flanges in the waterworks industry.

AWWA C207-18 (Revision of ANSI/AWWA C207-13) is applicable to steel pipe flanges with diameters ranging from 4 to 144 inches.

On the other hand, AWWA C228-19 (Revision of ANSI/AWWA 228-14) specifies stainless steel pipe flange joints for water services with diameters ranging from 2 inches to 72 inches. The materials utilized in these specifications must meet the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements and federal water system regulations.

Both standards operate in effectively the same way, with dimensions being uniform from project to project, unless a deviation is called out specifically to help with fluid flow rates.

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Diverse Standards

Discover Flange Standards That Tailored For The Waterworks Industry

American Water Works (AWWA)Association: AWWA standards are specifically designed for the water sector. They provide a watertight seal, avoiding leakage and contamination. These flanges are critical components of water treatment and distribution systems.

AWWA C207-18 flanges are made up of ring-type slip-on and blind flanges. The goal of this standard is to establish basic requirements for various steel flanges used in connection with steel water pipes and fittings. Carbon grades of several sorts are used in AWWA C207-18 materials.

This category includes four pressure classes:

  • Class B (86 psi),
  • Class D (175-150 psi), (this class is definitely the most common)
  • Class E (275 psi),
  • Class F (300 psi)

AWWA C228-19 flanges comprise stainless-steel ring-type, slip-on, and blind flanges. This standard aims to provide minimum standards for stainless-steel flanges used in stainless-steel pipe systems.

This category includes five pressure classes:

  • Class SA (50 psi), Class SB (86 psi),
  • Class SD (175-150 psi),
  • Class SE (275 psi),
  • Class SF (300 psi).

Texas Flange is an established provider of large-diameter AWWA pipe flanges in the US. We have 4-inch to 96-inch AWWA flanges of all material grades, though mostly carbon steel is selected. Our efficient and resilient supply chains enable us to provide short turnaround times on flanges, even larger than 96 inches in nominal size!

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Begin Your Exploration Of Waterworks Flanges Now

Source waterworks flanges with modern quality standards and known use cases.

  • Adherence to Established Standards Each flange is meticulously constructed and meets industry standards, ensuring seamless compatibility and exceptional performance. Although tolerances and deviations aren’t as strict as they would be on higher pressure applications, quality is still paramount.
  • Extensive TestingOur quality team does extensive testing to verify that our flanges meet specifications and will survive operational use. You may rely on us to supply waterworks flanges that will not disappoint you, in all sizes and material grades provided.
  • Customization: We create custom flanges to match the specific needs of each project. Just send us your print with dimensions and we will get you a quote immediately!
  • Top-notch Quality: We offer high-quality flanges that deliver outstanding performance and dependability. If your project requires domestic material, we can provide it.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Waterworks flanges are classified based on their facing type. The most common classifications include raised face flanges, flat face flanges, and ring-type joint (RTJ) flanges, but in the waterworks industry, the flat face is the overwhelmingly most common format. The choice of facing depends on factors like pressure, temperature, and the type of gasket used.