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Importance of ASTM Standards For You

The use of flanges has grown significantly over time, prominently due to the development of new infrastructures and their need to export gases and liquids.

Usually, flanges and piping are crucial for developing these export pathways, and refineries come with high volume requirements for industrial flanges.

Something often regarded as one of the essential steps during the process is finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

Some contractors and subcontractors try to cut corners when it comes to making more money, leading to unnecessary replacements and costly repairs at the end of your project launch.

It has become essential to interview suppliers and contractors and find out if they follow the standards set by ASTM or not. Make sure they follow the protocols and standards properly and work accordingly with relevant products per the ASTM guidelines.

If this happens, there is little to worry about your project work because you will be putting your capital and equipment in capable hands.

At TEXAS FLANGE, we provide high-quality ANSI, API, and AWWA pipe flanges in carbon steel as per ASTM standards. These pipe flanges are available in carbon and various alloy steels with sizes available from 1/2″ to 166″.

Meaning of ASTM Standards

The American Society for Testing and Materials is known as ASTM and is one of the leading forces in the certification and development of products. ASTM, being a reputable American organization, has international recognition and includes best practices to determine whether a material grade and product is worthy of investment and use in common applications.

ASTM has garnered its recognition as a global leader for the delivery and development of voluntary consensus standards. More than 12000 standards given out by ASTM are used worldwide to improve product quality, strengthen the market trade and access, enhance safety and health, and let the customers know they can count on products.

This organization is also serving many industries like construction, metal forming, consumer products, petroleum, etc. The development of standards has been done per the guiding principles of the World Trade Organization.

These standards are helpful for companies, individuals, and institutions around the world. Most all government regulators also cite standards in codes, regulations, and laws.

The ASTM standards help improve:

1. Quality of the products that contain referenced material grades

2. Worker safety and health standards

3. Strengthening the market around all trades

4. Sustainability of materials developed

5. Recognition of existing and updated international cross-references between standards

Importance of ASTM Standards

The ASTM standards are also helpful in making these products much safer to use, so there are no related dangers. The standards allow the suppliers to understand that their products are top-notch, and that they offer the best quality to their customers.

Suppliers following the ASTM standards can easily guarantee that they offer the best quality products to their customers. For getting approval for ASTM certification, products need to go under rigorous testing to make sure they are reliable under high-pressure and stress calculation-tested situations.

These kinds of situations give customers the satisfaction of knowing that their products comply well with the industry’s standard evaluations.

ASTM at Texas Flange

At Texas Flange, we use only those products that follow the standards set by ASTM. All our products are certified, deemed efficient, and durable. Slip-on, Blind, Threaded, Socket Weld, Lap joint, and Weld Neck flanges are all available at Texas Flange.

All of these flanges are designed with specific pressure ranges to provide excellent connectivity, from low-stress and volatility applications such as simple structural assemblies to high pressure and temperature services on critical jobs that require extreme safety.

At TEXAS FLANGE, we are here to help you with your needs related to flanges, fittings, and custom steel components. We have been in the business of quality flange manufacturing since 1986, and we are confident in helping you find a solution more quickly, affordably, and with more expertise than the competition. We are committed wholeheartedly to providing our customers with the finest quality flanges and flange fittings in a timely manner.

We are pretty excited to hear from our customers and their new projects each and every day. You can visit our website for more related information and view our gallery for a comprehensive list of our products. We’d love to hear about your project too, so get in touch with us today!

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