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Barnett VS Strickland: Titans of Industry Collide

The Fight

Texas Flange and TowerForce present:

This Saturday, February 1st 2020, come witness two middle aged businessmen duke it out in the name of giving! After months of strenuous and unwavering training, these two are ready to put their money (and fists) where their mouths are. Representing Texas Flange is their very own Jeff “The Preacher” Barnett who will be taking on Tower Force Terror, Whitney “The Painmaker” Strickland. These two industrial powerhouse competitors will be making their boxing ring debut at the Fighter Nation Boxing Gym, the current home of Termite Watkins and  Evan “Yung Holy” Holyfield (The Painmaker and The Preacher’s trainers, respectively) All Proceeds from ticket sales will be split 50/50 and donated to Fighter Nation and The Wheelhouse, with the loser of the main event donating $1000 to the winners charity of choice. Jeff is fighting for Fighter Nation, and Whitney is fighting for The Wheelhouse.

Before the battling businessmen, there will be 8 matches from Fighter Nation’s resident boxers, beginning at 12 pm. In addition, a barbecue lunch will be provided at 1: 30 pm courtesy of The Wheelhouse and the first 100 spectators to arrive will receive an autographed copy of Evan Holyfield’s book “12 Rounds to Winning for the Youth”. Spend your Saturday enjoying the most benevolent brawl of 2020! (so far)

The Contenders & Their Charities

Representing Texas Flange is Jeff “The Preacher” Barnett.

Barnett v Strickland Boxing

He has been training relentlessly with the fierce Evan “Yung Holy” Holyfield to win the $1,000 donation for his chosen organization; Fighter Nation. Under the leadership of Fighter Nation, part of the Fellowship of The Nations ministry. Headed by Pastor Termite Watkins, Fighter Nation ministry is a highly acclaimed boxing training gym in Houston. Fighter Nation is “A Life-Giving Church Where Everybody’s Family” that aims to build a ministry that impacts the community and the world.

Representing TowerForce is Whitney “The Painmaker” Strickland.

Barnett v Strickland Boxing

Whitney has been training hard under boxing legend Termite Watkins to bag the prize money for his chosen organization, The Wheelhouse. The Wheelhouse provides men with a supportive environment and recovery tools where they can free themselves from the grip of alcohol and drug addiction using a life-changing model that has seen hundreds of men recover from the disease of alcoholism. This method focuses on building authentic relationships that help bring relational, physical, and spiritual healing and restoration to those served.


There were 8-9 fights between the boxers of Fighter Nation Gym. These boxers certainly knew their stuff. (more so than even our headlining fighters, if you can believe) Following the opening matches was a barbeque lunch provided by The Wheelhouse and then it was on to the moment we had all been waiting for…. The Preacher and The Painmaker were in the ring and ready to go. They spar briefly, but as they fight it becomes evident that some kind of injury had been sustained to Whitney’s right arm. They reset to their corners, and attempt again briefly but the fight was stopped and it is announced that Whitney hurt his shoulder/arm earlier that morning.  As a result, Jeff “The Preacher” Barnett was declared the victor. However, Jeff announced that both Whitney and Jeff would go ahead and give $3000 to Fighter Nation and The Wheelhouse respectively. The event in total raised over 9,000 to go to the local charities.

Check out a highlight reel of the event made by Don Cox here!

Interested in learning more about Texas Flange’s other charitable efforts? Read about our donation campaigns here!

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