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Texas Flange Pays It Forward — 2019


‘Tis the season!
Texas Flange and Pearland Coffee Roasters are once again calling on you to like, comment, and share our post and challenge us to make our biggest donation yet!

Camp Hope and Elijah Rising are amazing organizations that bring support and community to many who  need and deserve help, love, and understanding.

So like, comment, and share this! Spread the word and raise awareness for these great causes and in return we’ll donate however much you decide!

Christmas Pay It Forward


For August, Texas Flange chose once again to support Camp Hope and the efforts at PTSDUSA. Along with our campaign, our sister company, Pearland Coffee Roasters chose to run their campaign for the first responders of Pearland. On all our socials we once again asked everyone to participate depending on how much the would like donated by our companies:
$2 Per Like, $3 Per Comment, $5 Per Share 

Today, we are happy to announce our totals!

Pay It Forward - 100 Club Fire Dept Elijah Rising

Thanks to your likes, comments, and shares PCR is donating $700 each to the Pearland 100 Club and the Pearland Professional Firefighters Association and Texas Flange is giving $800 to PTSDUSA’s Camp Hope!


Since there’s so many great causes to donate to, we chose four this month! Some of these should sound familiar, but here’s a quick run down on what these organizations are all about.

Camp Hope’s

facility opened in 2012 in Houston, Texas as a place for veterans and their family to find support, housing, and other resources while benefiting from a program for combat related Post Traumatic Stress. In addition to temporary housing, Camp Hope offers a 5 month program that includes a 1 month transitional program in which residents: attend group lessons and support sessions with other combat veterans; conduct individual mentoring sessions with certified combat trauma mentors; participate in off-site small group interaction activities (i.e. fishing, camping, local activities and sporting events); and get involved with local churches, businesses and volunteer organizations to assist in their personal healing and educating the community on the invisible wounds of war.

Elijah Rising

was founded in 20125 as a prayer gathering focused on ending sex trafficking in Houston. In 2013, Elijah Rising negotiated the closure of a brothel, Angela’s Day Spa, and converted it into its former headquarters. In 2014 Elijah Rising launched the Museum of Modern-Day Slavery – one of the nation’s few museums dedicated to exposing the brutal realities of sex trafficking and exploitation. As Elijah Rising’s mission expanded a  new Restorative Care program was added with the purchase of an 84 – acre property in rural Fort Bend County. It is a faith-based program that provides housing, counseling, and a caring community of support for adult women survivors of sex trafficking.

Living Water International

is about helping whole communities and regions have enough safe, accessible, reliable water to significantly improve the lives of the people who live there. Once communities have access to safe, sustainable water, they can improve their sanitation, dramatically raising their quality of life—improving health, increasing school achievement, and multiplying productivity. education is important—helping people understand how to prevent diseases by washing their hands, storing their water properly, and using a latrine. We work with local churches wherever we find them, identify ways we can be part of what God is already doing, and share the good news about Jesus in simple ways—like telling stories and asking questions.  We’re learning alongside the communities we serve that projects are most sustainable when they respond to both need and demand, when financing is carefully thought through, and when management is handled locally with lots of ongoing support.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

is the biggest nonprofit funder of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research in the world. Their focus is on finding a cure; and until then making advancements every day ease the burden of those living with the disease. JDRF’s research has three objectives: to cure the body’s inability to control glucose, reversing insulin dependence; to prevent the progression of the disease in those at risk or recently diagnosed; and to treat people living with T1D with new drugs, therapies and devices that make it easier to stay healthy until the cure comes.

Texas Flange Pays It Forward - Big Donation

Texas Flange is happy to announce that after a week of everyone hitting that like button, writing out comments, and sharing our post with their friends and family, we will be donating $1200 to the organizations above!! We want to thank everyone who participated and helped us help others!


This month we are supporting Camp Hope and their program to help struggling veterans. It is easy to recognize how difficult the loss of a loved one is, but not many understand the difficulties our surviving soldiers face when they return home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us!

To any veterans who may need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Camp Hope!
“Contact us on our PTSD Veteran Line at 877-717-PTSD (7873) for more information, acceptance criteria and availability.”

We’re happy to announce that Texas Flange has broken our personal goal and will be donating $1,025 to Camp Hope! A huge thank you to everyone who showed their support! Soon we will announce the details of June’s donation so stay tuned!

Texas Flange Pays It Forward - Camp Hope


With YOUR help again we hope to donate $1,000 (If not more ? ) this month to an organization called Elijah Rising.

Elijah Rising aims to end to bring an end to human trafficking through raising awareness, prayer, intervention, and restoration. They not only reach out and provide resources to victims of trafficking, but also help to provide housing, care, and counseling for survivors. In 2017, it was reported that in Texas alone, there were over 300,000 victims of human trafficking, with Houston being one of the most active areas. We ask you to challenge us once again as we donate to this more than deserving cause.

Last month, Texas Flange asked you to challenge us by giving you the reigns and letting you decide how much we would donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. At the end of the week we donated $507 via Comments counted over Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.


The rules this month are as follows:

-we will add up and every comment between $1 and $5
-for every “like” this post receives we will add $1
-every time this post is shared we will add $2
-April 22nd through April 26th 2019. We will comment on Friday to end the donation period and begin tallying the results!

Remember, we aren’t asking for your money; just asking you to call the shots on how much of ours we donate! Together we can help an amazing organization!

Elijah Rising Donation Results:
Texas Flange Pays It Forward - Thank You Elijah Rising

Texas Flange Pays It Forward - Elijah Rising


Everyone knows at least one person who has had medical difficulties in their life. Here at Texas Flange we’ve decided to pay it forward and help in a way that hits close to home for us. However, we need YOUR help to do so! No, no, not your money… All we ask is that you comment any number between $1 and $10 and then like/share our social post! Easy enough! Tuesday April 2nd we will add all the comments up from our social media platforms and donate that amount to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. No catch, no strings attached, only giving back!

We will update this blog once the donation period has ended with all the totals!!


Multiple Comments from one person will not all be counted. Only the Highest number commented within the range.
Numbers outside of the Specified range will not be counted.
The donation period will end on Tuesday April 2nd 2019, and we will comment the totals thereafter.
Our Donation period has ended with the totals as follows:
Facebook: $438

Linkedin: $40

Instagram: $29

Grand total: $507

Please stay tuned for our next donation!! We would like to donate at least $1,000 next time with your assistance!!
Texas Flange Pays It St.Judes

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