Class 150 Studding Outlets


BoreODThicknessOD of RFStud CircleHole Dia# of HolesHole DepthTap SizeT.P.I.Tap DepthFlat Bottom Weight
BOTRCUVBaseper 1″
 1/ 1/2130.5632.7
 3/43.881.251.692.7527/6440.88 1/2130.563.73.2
14.251.2523.1227/6440.88 1/2130.564.33.8
1 1/44.621.252.53.527/6440.88 1/2130.565.14.4
1 1/251.252.883.8827/6440.88 1/2130.565.95.1
261.53.624.7517/3241.12 5/8110.7510.27.1
2 1/ 5/8110.75149.5
37.51.55617/3241.12 5/8110.751511
3 1/ 5/8110.751913
491.56.197.517/3281.12 5/8110.752014
5101.757.318.521/3281.31 3/4100.882817
6111.758.59.521/3281.31 3/4100.883119
813.51.7510.6211.7521/3281.31 3/4100.884626
10161.8112.7514.2549/64121.44 7/8915835
12191.81151749/64121.44 7/8918348
1421216.2518.75 7/8121.56181.1210255
1623.5218.521.25 7/8161.56181.1212366
18252.252122.751161.811 1/881.2514067
2027.52.2523251201.811 1/881.2516679
24322.527.2529.51 1/8202.121 1/481.44231100

Dimensions are in inches. Weights are in pounds.

Material: Studding Outlets are most commonly provided in SA-105. They can also be made from a full range of stainless and alloy materials.

Thickness: The standard thickness shown above for all studding outlets is the minimum required per ASME Section VIII Division I Paragraph UG-43(d) for thread engagement and an ID mount. It is important to note that each individual application should be analyzed for proper thickness.

Facing: The Studding Outlet minimum thickness “T” includes proper raised face per ANSI B16.5. Outlets can be supplied with any special facing as needed upon request.

Drilling and Tapping: Studding Outlets are furnished to ANSI B16.5 specifications unless otherwise specified. Thread depth is in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division I Para. UG-43(g) for a design temperature not to exceed 650ºF, a base metal stress of 17,500 psi(g), and a stud stress of 25,000 psi(g). All other materials exceeding these stresses should be checked for UG-43 compliance.

Bore: Bore sizes shown above are standard. Other sizes can be furnished upon request.

Curving: Connections can be furnished contoured to fit any shell, head, or cone at additional cost. Specify diameter to be mounted.

Class 150 Studding Outlets PDF (for printing).


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