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Where Do You See The American Market For Industrial Flanges?

Orifice weld neck flanges

Texas Flange has been selling a large quantity of industrial flanges to companies involved in gas production, vessel fabrication, and tank manufacturing. Most of these flanges are being shipped domestically to companies here in the United States or to companies in Canada.

These flanges are being used to develop new infrastructures that will be needed to export gas from the interiors of both nations to refineries on both coasts. Naturally, piping and flanges are vital to developing these export pathways.

Refineries also have high volume requirements for industrial flanges. Texas Flange is very excited to be a partner in all of this growth. Just in our area alone, along the Gulf Coast, there are over 100 major projects that will require flanges, piping, and various pipe fittings in the next five years.

As far as how the industrial flange industry may change in response to this growth, we anticipate that some projects are going to need flanges with modified pressure tolerances.

This is particularly true for new pipelines, some of which may require custom flanges that feature modifications of basic ANSI/ASME standards. Naturally, predicting the future of the industrial flanges with exactitude is impossible.

However, we are confident that our experience in selling pipe flanges and industrial flanges of all sizes and material grades qualifies us to take a pretty good reading on the pulse of the gas industry as a whole.

We are excited to see what updates may occur for governing specifications of pipe flanges, stainless steel flanges, carbon steel flanges, and other alloy flanges in response to the increasing demand to transport compressed, liquefied natural gas.

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