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Texas Flange Bike Run

Texas Flange Bike Run

Over the summer of 2013, I got the pleasure of riding my bicycle across Iowa during Ragbrai, an annual bike ride held there. I had the privilege of riding with a fellow named Scott Stoll who has ridden his bicycle around the world.

Scott is one of those visionary types who cares more about doing something unique than about just making money. I like him a lot and thus when he brought me the idea of getting a raft for our bikes so we could ride them in the water I bit hard. I bought one for myself and one for him.

We have always tried to run Texas Flange with low overhead to keep prices down. You won’t see “Texas Flange” on the side of a NASCAR anytime soon, but this is the kind of sponsorship we can get into. Scot Stoll’s water based biking adventures are now sponsored by Texas Flange.

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