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Saying Goodbye

Texas Flange Hat

My Grandfather, Gus Shirley, proudly wore this Texas Flange hat around his home in Zwolle, LA. He beamed at the idea of his grandchildren doing well.

Shortly before passing away, he gave the hat to my Dad, who wore it with the same sense of well-being. Recently my father was traveling through Oklahoma and stopped at Bledsoe’s Diner in Atoka.

They have a tradition of hanging hats on the wall for good. My father thought the old hat was worn out and needed a final resting place. He hung it right above the coffee pot with the Company logo pointing straight out.

If you ever make it to Atoka stop by Bledsoe’s. Not for my mushy connection to the hat but for the great food.

Blessing to all. I will eventually get back to blogging about flanges, but let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of changes in our industry.

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