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Long Weld Neck Flanges – What You Need To Know

What is a Long Weld Neck Flange?

Long Weld Neck Flanges are like weld neck flanges, except for the neck, which is extended and acts like a boring extension. Long weld neck flanges can be used in high pressure industrial applications, as well as high temperature situations. They are often utilized in the oil and gas or petrochemical industries.

Long Weld Necks & Schedule Bores

Long Weld Necks, also commonly referred to as Nozzles, typically are made with square cuts to replace pipe, not to be welded up to pipe. Due to this, long weld necks do not have schedule bores.

A typical weld neck flange has a weld prep at the tip of the neck to weld up to matching pipe, whereas long weld neck flanges, or “nozzles,” are square cut at the ends for the purpose of utilization with your tank or alternate assembly. Schedule bores for regular Long Weld Neck Flanges (Not including Heavy Barrels) are the same as the nominal size of the flange. For example, on a 2-inch LWN, the bore size will also be 2.00 inches.

Long Weld Necks & Schedule Bores

Length and Barrel Varieties

These flanges are available in the more common lengths of 9”, 12”, and 16”, as well as any larger or smaller overall lengths to suit your needs. Typically, the larger the nominal size and pressure class flange, the larger the overall length requested.

However, this is entirely subjective and at the discretion of the customer. Contrary to popular suggestion, there is no universal “standard” length because these parts are made in accordance with the application necessary.

We offer a variety of barrel sizes, from the more familiar long weld necks heavy barrels, and equal barrels to intermediate barrel products depending on your needs.

To learn more about the dimensions of each barrel type, visit here . We also offer a wide variety of different material grades. LWNs are typically made from forged carbon and stainless steel grades, though we do get the occasional request for chrome alloy and nickel alloy nozzle flanges. If you find your application requires a different material grade, speak to any of our sales representatives and we’ll help to make sure you get the part you need.

If you’re inquiring or purchasing a Long Weld Neck from Texas Flange, you may request any wall thickness and additional custom weld bevel you would like, but the standard for these flanges is defined per the dimensions in our catalog. Feel free to submit your own technical drawing for quotation to our sales department and we would be happy to help get you the flanges you need.

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