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Different Types Of Material Grades For Industrial Flanges?

Do You Offer Different Material Grades For A Variety of Industrial Flange

Many of our customers may think we only offer flanges in one type of material grade.  In fact, Texas Flange offers flanges in all commercially available material grades.

The most popular material grades are made from carbon steel.  Carbon Steel is known for properties such as high strength and toughness, excellent fatigue strength, chemical resistance, and high stress-corrosion cracking resistance.

Regular carbon flanges, along with high-yield carbon flanges, are commonly used in modern pipe infrastructure, many now in low-temperature applications.

We also supply Stainless Steel flanges. Stainless Steel is known to be corrosion resistant as well as stronger than Carbon Steel flanges and are great for many different projects or uses.

Plate flanges can be ordered both for waterworks and petrochemical applications.  Bar flanges and forged spec flanges can also be made per the dimensions in our catalog.

Two other popular industrial flange material grades include Titanium and Aluminum.  These types of flanges are typically ordered for projects that require project managers to save on weight but maintain strength.

Titanium flanges can be used in medical and petrochemical equipment and even cars!  You can find a full range of aluminum flanges and titanium flanges by contacting us here at Texas Flange.

In many of the more recent projects, we have been a fulfilling call for flanges with a high level of corrosion resistance and strength in high temperatures.

The most popular industrial flange materials for these applications include Inconel which offers a balance of corrosion resistance, temperature stability, toughness, and strength and are often used for chemical processing, aerospace, marine, electronics, and oil & gas.

Incoloy, known for resistance to seawater and chloride it ideal for use in the oil and gas industries and chemical processing equipment.

Hastelloy is commonly used for pipes and valves in petrochemical industries as well as nuclear and chemical reactors and is excellent for heat exchangers.

Talk to any of our salesmen by calling 1-800-826-3801, Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm or e-mail us at any time at [email protected] to find out how Texas Flange can get you the flanges you need!

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