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All Emails Reviewed At Texas Flange

E-mail At Texas Flange

Texas Flange we do our best to make the flange requisition experience as seamless as possible for our customers. This includes providing commodity stock pieces by the bulk load, as well as creating custom flange pieces for unique applications.

Our sales and technical support staff are trained to provide you with what you need, even if your assigned sales member is out of the office.

When a salesman is out of the office, we keep a close eye on their inbox so that you can quickly get the answers you need or your order processed. Just send in your inquiry for flanges as you normally would, and we will answer back from the email address of the same representative you are familiar with.

This allows your flange sales rep to review the correspondence when they return. That way, Texas Flange can ensure all requirements are communicated clearly to every member of the production team.

Our digital order archive system allows for sales team to make the necessary notations at every step of the requisition process. Due to this system, any salesperson can address your questions or concerns regarding your order.

Our sales and production staff review your requests to provide the best pricing and lead time possible.

You can also check out our new “Contact Us” form here.

If you are a new customer, this will help you connect to our sales team efficiently. Alternatively, you may send in your requests to [email protected]. If you have more urgent questions, you can call us at 281-484-8325. Our office hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday.

You can also check out our free online resources:



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