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Advantages of Galvanization

Texas Flange offers a full range of galvanized flanges for our customers. Galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The most common method is hot-dip galvanizing, in which the parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc. For this reason, we stock a line of hot dip zinc galvanized flanges to ASTM A123 and ASTM A153, and we can provide many custom items with this protective coating as well. Here are a few noticeable advantages to galvanization:

Protection from Elements

Galvanized flanges are superior to exposure to the elements versus painted carbon steel. They offer longer life cycles in many cases as well, due to their resistance to corrosion from rain and other naturally occurring weather/climate issues.

Physical Durability

You will often have more use and shelf life from galvanized flanges in comparison to uncoated carbon steel and ductile iron, due to the metallurgical bond present between the zinc coat and the actual steel. This provides excellent protection from physical damage to the flange in question.

Advantages of Galvanization

Limited Base Exposure

A zinc hot dip coating on flanges and steel components per ASTM standards is superior to regular plating, which may leave exposure for crevices, machined surfaces, and some difficult to reach portions of the flange in question. The process provides noticeably more zinc coating than regular plating.


Commodity hot dip galvanized flanges can provide a good alternative to stainless and chrome alloys from a cost benefit perspective. This depends, though, on your specific application. If the superior chemical requirements of certain jobs do not apply, they are an excellent alternative to standard carbon steel flanges.

However, there are some possible disadvantages to galvanization.


Some steel pieces are too tiny or too huge to be hot-dipped, and it doesn’t make sense to galvanize them using other methods.


Zinc can tend to be temperamental during the actual galvanization process. It’s important to take enough time to let galvanized steel cool down, so that the zinc doesn’t peel off. Galvanization isn’t as effective if the zinc is not binding to the steel. The right coating thickness must be applied.

If you think galvanization is the way to go for your upcoming project, give our sales office a call! 281-484-8325 Or e-mail us your inquiry at [email protected]

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Brad Erwin
4 years ago

I didn’t know that galvanized steel items can stand up to the elements better than things like carbon painted steel. My company is in need of some steel punching for a project we are starting in the next couple of weeks. I will be sure to find a service that offers galvanizing services so that we can maintain the longterm integrity of our project.