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Yes. We began asking customers to email their flange orders back when email 

was still relatively new. This enabled our sales team to fulfill orders with a diverse range of standard specification industrial flanges and even custom pipe flanges. One recent example of this shows how we can accommodate complex project 
requirements without delay or incident. A recent flange order from Europe that we 
produced helps illustrate this point. 
This customer was headquartered in the European Union and required a number of 
flanges of different specifications. Included in their requisition were ANSI standard flanges, Metric flanges, and JIS flanges.
Metric flanges are commonly used in European petrochemical and gas works projects due to the metric standard used by European nations.
JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard and differs 
significantly from ANSI industrial and steel flanges more common to the United 
States. The customer needed these in addition to ANSI flanges.     While such a 
complex order may be confusing to some flange manufacturers, we were able to 
accurately supply and ship the order overseas on time. 
Texas Flange never has to scramble to fulfill orders with diverse industrial flanges. 
Our order checking system is virtually bullet proof. It requires multiple requisition checks by both the primary sales agent and the sales assistants involved in the order. Custom pipe flanges can also be included for larger projects with complex 
industrial flange requirements, including flanges for waterworks, flanges for 
manufacturing process, and flanges for petrochemical applications. 
Call us Mon-Fri 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or email us anytime This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have the flanges you need.
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