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Remembering 9/11...Keeping the Light Burning


13 years ago, on Sept. 11th, 2001, our nation was attacked, our, women, even children...were killed in a cowardly attack that forever changed the world.


Our SEALs got Osama bin Laden.


But that is not where the war ended. It is a war that never ends.


It is a war of the Light of goodness and doing that which is right fights against a Darkness of evil and oppression.


It is a war fought by our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, family and friends.


It is a war fought


On Sept. 11th, 2001...on a plane high over Pennsylvania, United Airlines Flight 93, Americans were being held hostage in an apparent hijacking.


They learned what was happening...they understood what the hijackers intended and they were the first to say...NO!


They the cost of thier lives...but they stopped the terrorists and became the first of America's new heroes in this new war.


Hero Flight 93 when down in a field fighting.


They were the first to fall...sadly not the last.


We are all on the front lines of this war. We are all Americans. We stand for what is right and good and pure and just.


We stand when no other will stand for those that can not stand. We defend those who can not defend themselves.


Texas flange, 9/11


We help those in need and unlike so many, we don't occupy the country or pillage or rape or burn or steal from the locals.


To many average American Soldier is like a Guardian Angel they can touch and see.


The children know...out of the mouth of babes....

Texas Flange, 9/11 



We at Texas Flange are an American Company....we are Americans....we are PROUDLY SO and we are PROUD of our people, our men and women in the miltary and our country.




Please visit the 9/11 Memorial Site

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3d CAD Models and 2D DWG's are now available at

Over 1 year in the making, we have made models on virtually every flange combination in our catalog.  Brutal in it's scope, painstaking in the volume.  We couldn't even host it in house.  TOO MUCH DATA!!!!!!  

Every time the flange industry thinks it has caught up with us we take a giant leap forward.

Check it out at

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Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

My Grandfather, Gus Shirley, proudly wore this Texas Flange hat around his home in Zwolle, LA.  He beamed at the idea of his grandchildren doing well.  Shortly before passing away he gave the hat to my Dad, who wore it with the same sense of well being.  Recently my father was traveling through Oklahoma and stopped at Bledsoe's Diner in Atoka.  They have a tradition of hanging hats on the wall for good.  My father thought the old hat was worn out and needed a final resting place.  He hung it right above the coffer pot with the Company logo pointing straight out.  If you ever make it to Atoka stop by Bledsoe's.  Not for my mushy connection to the hat but for the great food.  Blessing to all.  I will eventually get back to blogging about flanges, but let's face it, there aren't a lot of changes in our industry.



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Jeff Barnett Completes 1st Half Ironman promoting Texas Flange

Jeff Barnett Completes 1st Half Ironman promoting Texas Flange

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A note on Orifice Unions – ASME/ANSI B16.36

As a reminder, orifice unions begin at the 300# class and increase from there. We have had several previous requests for orifice flanges in the 150# pressure class, and we have to offer the 300# class or greater as an alternative. The reason for this is 1) ASME has not provided dimensions for a 150# orifice set under B16.36 specifications and 2) the aforementioned is so because 150# class flanges are generally not thick enough at the base of the flange to provide you with the material necessary to drill and tap your desired instrumentation for your application.



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