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Quick industry note on waterworks flanges.

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The American Water Works Association has suspended the utilization of “hub” type flanges in their C207 and associated specifications. All flanges per AWWA specs are either “ring” type slip on flanges or “blind” type flanges. The aforementioned “hub” type flanges as outlined in AWWA C207 Class D and C207 Class E are derived from ASME specifications 125# Lightweight and 125# Slip On, respectively. We will still provide flanges as dual certified to both of these specifications, with the understanding that they will not be manufactured and stamped per the latest update of the AWWA standard.



As is standard from Texas Flange, you may request these flanges in any commercially available material grade you require. The most common are still carbon flanges, mild steel flanges and stainless steel flange variants. Please be advised that while many of these items are available in stock in carbon steel grades, most stainless, chrome, and nickel alloy type flanges are made to order, given the popularity of carbon steel flanges for the majority of water works flange and piping projects. Their lower pressure requirements and ambient temperature operation typically mean a more exotic alloy flange is not required. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our trained sales staff here at Texas Flange.

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When providing customers with custom flanges, we strive to accommodate project launch dates as much as humanly possible.  At the same time, we have to qualify our commitment to expediting custom flanges with a bit of realistic tempering.  By their very nature, custom flanges can be highly unique.  Even minor changes to flange dimensions can affect the rate of expedition.  Changing material flange grade tolerance can also affect production time.  Obviously, too, the sizes of custom flanges will often determine how quickly they can be manufactured, checked for quality assurance, and shipped.

Smaller flanges are easier to expedite.  Small to medium custom flanges that are small to medium in size can be manufactured in a relatively quick time frame.  We have seen small flanges produced in as little as 5 business days and as many as 10.  In the majority of cases, custom flanges have been expedited provided we were given sufficient lead time by our customer.  

Larger, customized flanges require forgings of a certain size in order to produce the flange.  Obviously, flange forgings in the larger sizes are not always as easy to come by as flange forgings in smaller sizes.  This is why calling us as soon as you know you will need custom flanges is so important.  The more lead time we have in producing multiple flange orders, the greater the likelihood is that we can expeditiously manufacture and ship your industrial flanges.  


Email us your requirements for custom flanges today and let's see how quickly Texas Flange can get them out to you.


Call us Monday-Friday 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or e-mail us anytime. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We have the flanges you need.

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Does Texas Flange provide custom flange templates we can review and modify?

Yes.  Texas Flange keeps detailed records of all orders.  One of the reasons we do so is to help expedite repeat business.  An even more important reason Texas Flange keeps such detailed records is to accommodate customers in need of custom flanges.  We have an entire library of custom flanges designed by engineers who basically needed to modify existing ASME/ANSI standard flange specifications.  

Examples of such modifications include non-ferrous metals flanges, low temperature flanges, stainless steel flanges, non-metallic flanges, carbon steel flanges, and alloy steel flanges for high temperature applications.  

Minor dimensional changes are often all that are made to ANSI/ASME standards, although we have plenty of templates that also feature modified tolerances for higher or lower temperatures than standard operations typically experience.  We can provide you with multiple flange templates that show which flanges represent the most suitable options for your project.  Often you will find what you are looking for in what already exists in our inventory of weld neck flanges, slip on flanges, ring flanges, and blind/test flanges.  Other flanges can be changed with only a few quick modifications to the template and be put into expedited production as soon as your flange drawings are finalized.

Call us Monday-Friday 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or email anytime This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have the flanges you need.

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That is a very good question.  Many people who call us looking for flanges think that we offer flanges in only one type of material grade.  In fact, we offer flanges in all material grades.

stainless steel flange

The most popular material grades are made from carbon steel.  We sell carbon steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings.  We also supply stainless steel flanges that are used for a wide range of projects.  Plate flanges can be ordered both waterworks and petrochemical applications.  Bar flanges and forged spec flanges can also be made per the dimensions in our catalogue.

Two other popular industrial flange material grades include titanium flanges and aluminum flanges.  These industrial flanges are typically ordered for projects that require project managers to save on weight but maintain strength.  You can find a full range of aluminum flanges and titanium flanges by contacting us here at Texas Flange.

Many of the more recent projects we have been fulfilling call for flanges with a high level of corrosion resistance.  The most popular industrial flange materials for these applications include inconel, incoloy, and hastalloy. These flanges are generally used in applications that involve high temperature surfaces. 

Another common request is one that requires flanges manufactured for low temperatures.  Regular carbon flanges, along with high yield carbon flanges, are commonly used in modern pipe infrastructure, many now in low temperature applications.

Call us Monday-Friday 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or e-mail us anytime. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We have the flanges you need.

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Yes. We began asking customers to email their flange orders back when email 

was still relatively new. This enabled our sales team to fulfill orders with a diverse range of standard specification industrial flanges and even custom pipe flanges. One recent example of this shows how we can accommodate complex project 
requirements without delay or incident. A recent flange order from Europe that we 
produced helps illustrate this point. 
This customer was headquartered in the European Union and required a number of 
flanges of different specifications. Included in their requisition were ANSI standard flanges, Metric flanges, and JIS flanges.
Metric flanges are commonly used in European petrochemical and gas works projects due to the metric standard used by European nations.
JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard and differs 
significantly from ANSI industrial and steel flanges more common to the United 
States. The customer needed these in addition to ANSI flanges.     While such a 
complex order may be confusing to some flange manufacturers, we were able to 
accurately supply and ship the order overseas on time. 
Texas Flange never has to scramble to fulfill orders with diverse industrial flanges. 
Our order checking system is virtually bullet proof. It requires multiple requisition checks by both the primary sales agent and the sales assistants involved in the order. Custom pipe flanges can also be included for larger projects with complex 
industrial flange requirements, including flanges for waterworks, flanges for 
manufacturing process, and flanges for petrochemical applications. 
Call us Mon-Fri 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or email us anytime This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have the flanges you need.
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