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Happy Sorry Charlie Day!!

Sorry Charlie 2 - Sunkist Flanges


Happy National Sorry Charlie Day!

To put it simply, April 6th is a day for those of us who have experienced some form of rejection in their lives (aka, all of us) and despite the struggles we all have overcome and persevered!

The phrase “Sorry, Charlie” has been a staple in the American lexicon since 1962, and actually originates from the debut of the StarKist tuna company mascot, Charlie the Tuna. Since 1961, Charlie has tried to be chosen by the StarKist fisherman, as he believes he is a perfectly hip fish with great taste. With each try Charlie is met with the now iconic “Sorry, Charlie” because they’re “not looking for tuna with good taste but rather for tuna that tasted good.” Apparently Fashion is the least of the fishermen’s concerns….

Today celebrates the cool attitude and undaunted resolve of America’s favorite and incredibly relatable tuna fish. When you think back on times in which you felt rejected or times that were particularly difficult, instead of focusing on the negatives take a note from Charlie the Tuna. Take that experience and use it as an opportunity to grow and learn from! Don’t let failures or rejections bring you down, instead keep smiling like Charlie and try to shake up your perspective! Remember that we would not truly be able to appreciate the good times without that bad times to compare them with!

In an interview with Huffington Post in 2017, Charlie encourages everyone celebrating his holiday to follow his lead, saying, “I hope to inspire everyone to raise a fin to overcoming hurdles!”.

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