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What If I Need Test Reports For My Flanges?

Raised Face Weld Neck Forged Flange

Texas Flange provides material test reports, known as MTRs, for virtually all our flanges and custom flange components.  Each test report includes a physical analysis of the flange material, a chemical analysis of its constitution, and certification to any governing specification.

Standard inspection is conducted prior to shipment.  Once the flanges have been approved for shipment, the test reports are published. The MTRs, flanges, and any other required documentation are then all shipped together.

Standard material testing of carbon steel flanges, inconel flanges, monel flanges, aluminum flanges, and flanges made from a variety of other metals and alloys is done per any applicable specification. Any additional testing you would like to request, such as ultrasonic or magnetic particle testing, may require more in terms of cost and lead time.

If you need standard MTRs included with your order, we’ve got you covered.  If you require additional, more specific tests to run on your flanges, please email us your test parameters along with your initial flange inquiry.   This will allow us to schedule flange testing as soon as possible and minimize, as much as possible, any delays that might result during shipment.

Have any further questions? Feel free to call us and speak directly to a representative at 800-826-3801

While you’re here, check out our free online catalog3D Drawings, or Flange Charts and Tables!

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Hiten Bhanushali
Hiten Bhanushali
9 months ago

As per STD testing of flanges, UT will be done on which thickness i.e. on flange thickness OR on wall thickness? as per ASME sec.