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What if the specs on your website don’t match the flange I need?

Custom Flange Picture

While our focus since 1986 has been primarily flanges for petrochemical and water works applications, we at Texas Flange make it a point to supply flanges to customers with unique flange requirements or who require non-spec flanges for diverse projects.

In fact, Texas Flange provides custom pipe fittings and industrial flanges to clients throughout the world on a daily basis. We have a strong presence in Canada, Mexico, and throughout South America. We also sell custom and non specification flanges to clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

For commonly produced or proprietary parts designed for other industries, we recommend that you speak with distributors with more familiarity of these particular types of flanges. If you are in the automotive industry, bath/kitchen remodeling and installation, or any other industry with parts designed by specific companies, we recommend speaking with distributors who can better assist you in finding the specific parts you need.

If you cannot find your flanges through one of these channels, send Texas Flange your technical drawing, along with your required dimensions, and we will review it for you. Typically, we have the flanges that customers need when they contact us.

Call us Monday-Friday 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or email anytime [email protected]

We have the flanges you need.

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