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Shale Is The New Black; Relief for Permian Bottleneck?

August 28, 2019

Hilcorp Energy Acquisition  Jeffery Hildebrand recently announced (A Houston, TX Na... Read More...

Hammerstones To Flanges: The Bronze Age

August 07, 2019

The Bronze Age began around 3000 BC when early man started to work heavily with metal... Read More...

Hammerstones to Flanges: How Man and Metal Have Co-Evolved

July 24, 2019

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Tropical Storm Barry And How It Affects Oil & Gas

July 17, 2019

Last Friday, July 12th, we all were very concerned for all our friends out in the... Read More...

The Rising US-Iranian Conflict: Timeline & Possible Effects

June 26, 2019

It is important to explain the events leading up to the current US-Iranian tension, a... Read More...

Chevron VS. Occidental Petroleum Merger

June 04, 2019

Locally speaking, there has been a bit of a bidding war over the Anadarko Petroleum m... Read More...