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How to Use Long Weld Neck Flanges in Industrial Applications

Today in the US, hundreds of billions of tons of liquid petroleum products and trillions of tons of cubic feet of natural gas are crisscrossing the nation in the pipe that needs to be connected. For the majority of connections, the long weld neck flange is the one that does the job.

Weld-neck flanges

Weld neck pipe comes in two different neck sizes: long weld neck flange and standard weld neck flange. This blog will discuss the long weld neck flange and its use in industrial applications.

Meaning of a long weld neck flange

Long weld neck flanges (known as LWN) comes with an extended neck that acts as a boring extension. It is also longer compared to the standard weld neck flange.

Welded neck flanges are easy to recognize because they have a long tapered hub that reduces the size from the pipe to the fitting. Industrial long weld neck flanges are also useful in high-pressure industrial applications and high-temperature situations.

Long weld neck flanges are often useful in the petrochemical, gas, and oil industries. They come with nozzles and are useful in replacing the pipes. While a standard weld neck flange’s tip has a weld prep at its neck, long weld neck flanges come in a variety of lengths, with the most common being 9 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches.

Unfortunately, lengths are based on the parts for every application, so there’s no universal standard length existence for these industrial-long neck flanges.

Long weld neck flanges come with the beveled flange to fit right with the pipe for added strength. Long weld neck flange connections help to improve the pipe flow. Additionally, piping systems are safer when reinforced with long weld neck flanges. It is the type of flange that helps balance the temperature and pressure changes in the liquid that flows in the pipeline.

Long weld neck flanges are often found as anchors in the water mains. The reason is that they can withstand higher pressures; you can connect larger networks of pipes, like those in a factory. You can also use long weld neck flanges in the expansion bends or to reduce or extend pipe sizes.

Why choose long weld neck flanges?

Industrial long weld neck flanges offer additional reinforcement that standard weld neck flanges do not. The long neck guides the pipe into the flange, giving them extra strength.

The extra assurance helps to ensure the safety of the structure, environment, and people when high-pressure fluids and high-temperature are involved. The structure reinforcement provided by an industrial-long weld neck flange is crucial to the stability and safety of industrial and high-pressure commercial systems.

The function of long weld neck flanges

The long weld neck flanges are useful in the following places:

Large pipe networks

Industrial long weld neck flanges are the safest and best choice, whether it is a water main, gas main, or another large piping network. Large networks need high pressure to keep everything in the pipes moving. It results in the strain on smaller pipes and may end up damaging if not accounted for correctly, and this is where industrial long weld neck flanges help.

Office complexes and apartment buildings

Like with any other large pipe network, high pressures are required to keep everything on the move. For that reason, you will commonly find long weld neck flanges that lead into these buildings.

Volatile or hazardous fluids

Wild temperature swings from sub-zero to near-boiling and high pressures may wear on the pipes and fittings used to transport the fluid. Long weld neck flanges may help cut costs by reinforcing the pipes used in high-pressure, high-temperature situations.


Industrial long weld neck flanges are game-changers for high-temperature, high-pressure, or otherwise dangerous amounts of fluid that need transportation. The added strength lent by these pieces helps to ensure the stability, security, and safety of the piping and structures that industrialists depend on daily.

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