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How Soon Can Texas Flange Send Me My Flanges?

How Soon Can Texas Flange Send Me My Flanges

When providing customers with custom flanges, Texas Flange strives to accommodate project launch dates as much as we possibly can.  At the same time, we have to qualify our commitment to expediting custom flanges with a bit of realistic tempering.

By their very nature, custom flanges can be highly unique.  Even minor changes, such as flange dimensions or changing the flange material grade can affect production time and the rate of expedition. The sizes of custom flanges will often determine how quickly they can be manufactured, checked for quality assurance, and shipped.

Smaller flanges are easier to expedite.  Flanges that are small to medium in size can be manufactured in a relatively quick time frame.  We have seen smaller custom flanges produced in as little as 5 business days even with higher quantities.

For most cases, custom flanges have been expedited provided we were given sufficient lead time by our customer.

Larger customized flanges require forgings of a certain size in order to produce the flange.  Obviously, flange forgings in larger sizes are not always as easy to come by as flange forgings in smaller sizes.

This is why we urge our customers to contact a sales representative as soon as they know they will need custom flanges.  The more lead time we have in producing multiple flange orders, the greater the likelihood is that we can expeditiously manufacture and ship your industrial flanges.

Email us your requirements for custom flanges today and let’s see how quickly Texas Flange can get them out to you.

Call us Monday-Friday 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or e-mail us anytime at [email protected]

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