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From Which Countries of Origin Does Texas Flange Supply ?

From Which Countries of Origin Does Texas Flange Supply Industrial Flanges

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We offer a full line of import flanges and domestic flanges. If you require AML flanges for your project, or if your company prefers industrial flanges made in the United States, we specialize in supplying AML specification steel flanges, stainless steel flanges, carbon steel flanges, alloy flanges, and industrial flanges for the petrochemical, process, gas infrastructure, and waterworks industries.

Texas Flange can supply both domestic flanges and import flanges to your specifications. We can also supply custom flanges. Custom flange templates can be requested and modified to spec, or you can send us your own industrial flange drawings.

If you are on a budget, we offer an excellent line of import flanges, including industrial flanges approved for import from G20 countries in Western Europe. Finally, we also supply steel flanges and industrial flanges from a number of locations in Asia.

Call us Monday-Friday 8-5 CST 1-800-826-3801, or email anytime [email protected]. We have the flanges you need.

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