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Does Texas Flange Supply Unique Flange Specifications?

Short answer: yes. Long answer……

Years ago, when e-mail was still a relatively new concept (if you can even imagine a time so long ago…),

Texas Flange started asking customers to e-mail us their orders. By ordering via e-mail, we allow our sales team to create better communication between the customer and the salesman, cutting down on confusion, processing time, and possible errors.

We can fill orders with a diverse range of standard-specification industrial flanges and custom pipe flanges per your drawings.

Custom pipe flanges can also be included for larger projects with complex industrial flange requirements, including flanges for manufacturing processes, petrochemical purposes, and waterworks applications.

For example, an order we previously received from a European customer may help illustrate this point:

This customer was operating in the European Union and required a number of flanges from different specifications. Included in their order were:

ANSI Standard flanges – Often considered the “industry standard” in America.

DIN Standard flanges – Commonly used in European projects due to the metric standard used in there.

JIS flanges – The primary Japanese Industrial Standard for flanges.

Each standard has specific requirements that differ from each other, and this customer needed flanges from each kind of specification.


While orders like this may be confusing to some other flange manufacturers, we were able to accurately and promptly supply all items for the order headed overseas.

At Texas Flange, we’ve developed a system so that we can handle orders with a wide range of industrial flanges for a wide range of uses.

Our proven order accuracy assurance system requires each order to be reviewed at every step of the order process by the primary salesman, one of our quality control employees, and the sales assistants involved in the order.

Even though we like to streamline the flange ordering process by asking our customers to send their orders via e-mail, don’t feel like that’s your only option! You can always call our sales team with any questions, quotes, or orders Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Unfortunately, we no longer accept inquiries or orders via carrier pigeon, smoke signal, stagecoach, ham radio, or telegraph. **Nautical flags must be visible from at least 5 miles**

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