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A Note On Studding Outlet Flanges and Pad Flanges

Studding Outlet Flanges are usually designed to be installed in the inside or outside of vessels and tanks. The curving of the outlet should be ordered to fit the curvature of the shell, head, or pipe.

These flanges can come in sizes from ½ inches to 24 inches, and the pressure ratings of 150# to 2500#. (All classes 150# – 300# should have a raised face of 1/16” and classes above that should be ¼” raised face. They can be ordered in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and alloy steel.

A common alternative name for studding outlets is “pad flange.” To clarify, the pad flange and the studding outlet are the same part and pad flanges are not a variation of studding outlet.

A Note On Studding Outlet Flanges and Pad Flanges

Studding outlet flanges are made to order items offered in a variety of configurations. The most commonly used studding outlet flange in the industry is the flat bottom type.

We also offer them in a shell mount, head mount, or alternate radius in order to set the flanges flush with your vessel. The least common outlet flange is the tangential mount, which is offset from a center line and therefore lacks symmetry.

Though the mount detail is relatively complex, this typically does not affect the lead time compared to other flange styles.

If all your requirements are Flat Bottom, it may seem odd to add the extra expense of radiusing the backside. This is done to avoid restricting the flow of material through the line or tank that the studding outlet is attached to.

The standard will always be to supply them Flat Bottom, but if you ever need the back side radiused, be sure to ask your sales representative.

If you think your next project needs a studding outlet, give us a call at 281-484-8325 or shoot us an email at [email protected] and one of our salespeople will work with you personally to ensure you get the part you need

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Yogesh Pote
Yogesh Pote
7 months ago

Regarding installation studding outlet flange,

Is it possible to install smaller size “Studding Outlet Flange” on bigger size pipe.

e.g. is it possible to install of size 1” studding outlet flange on size 10” pipe.

If it possible then can you, please advise about the possible the branch and run size combinations?